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The purpose of this content is to provide anyone in the public sector who is planning to create communications and/or campaigns which relate to sexual harm, with insight to help inform their plans and to create powerful, meaningful content that can change lives and save lives.

This website is not instructional and is not intended to control how any organisation chooses to communicate. Instead, it includes information which recognises the individual and collective effect of trauma, along with a set of principles that we believe are important and can be used to help inform thinking and generate ideas.

The focus of this website is on communications and campaigns aimed at supporting those who have experienced, or who may experience, sexual harm. We recognise and understand that there are those who harm others (and whom may also have been sexually harmed themselves) but this approach itself does not focus on those who cause harm, simply because we believe that is a separate piece of important work.

This content does not speak for the experiences of every individual who has been affected by sexual harm, but through this work we seek to give all of those who have, respect and dignity, along with our commitment to continually challenge the causes of sexual harm and prolific crimes of a sexual nature in all our communities.

Some of the content on this website is lengthy and given the difference we are trying to make, and for who, we make no apologies for that. We do recognise though that as a professional, you may be very busy, so we have designed it in a ‘read what you need’ format which we hope you find helpful.

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