Why you matter

you have the power & platform to make a difference

Sexual harm devastates lives, but it can be prevented.

As a journalist you can influence opinion and inform debate. You have the power and the platform to make a difference.

Through the way in which you report about sexual harm, you can have a positive impact on the millions of people affected by it.

Through the language, you use you can help challenge stereotypes and harmful viewpoints about issues like consent.

You can raise awareness about the efforts of a diverse range of individuals and organisations who are working tirelessly to prevent sexual offences and to support those harmed by them. You can also inspire leaders to act.

We have created this content with the help and support of individuals who have experienced sexual crimes and the harm which follows, to support you as you report the facts and share the stories which help shape our society.

We believe that with your support and through your words, together we can prevent sexual harm.

Please help us.

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