guide for journalists

using this insight

This insight is not intended to be used as instructional content and does not seek to replace or conflict with existing legislative requirements, media regulation, or any editors’ code of practice in relation to the reporting of sexual offenses.

It has been produced in addition to these things, to provide you with insight from individuals who have experienced sexual harm and those who provide support to them, which we hope may be useful to you as you report about this issue.

Other guidance to support you as a journalist is also available including:

‘Media Guidelines on Violence Against Women’ created by Zero Tolerance

Rape Crisis Scotland have also produced information

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood have created guidance available

‘Independent Press Standard Organisation Guidance on Reporting of Sexual Offences, External Resources for Journalists’ and ‘Contact with the Media Support
for Survivors of Sexual Offences’ are available at

Guidance for broadcast journalists is available at The Broadcasting Code contains specific advice on protecting young people and protecting the public from harmful and offensive material. Visit to find out more.

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